Bridal shower clothing | Haute Outfit: Elevate Your Fashion Outfit (2024)

Weddings are enjoyable, as are all of the pre-wedding activities! A bridal shower is one of the numerous pre-wedding rituals that every bride and her bridesmaids eagerly await. And now the big dilemma arises: what to wear to a bridal shower? Whether it's a theme party or there's a dress code, there's a lot of planning that goes into choosing the perfect wedding shower attire.Furthermore, there are some dos and don'ts that guests must adhere to. Fortunately, we've created a guide to assist you get through this procedure! We will assist you in selecting the appropriate attire for this occasion.

In this post, we'll go over what you may (and should not) wear to various sorts of wedding showers. Keep reading!

Dressing Etiquette For A Bridal Shower

Your wedding shower clothing is determined by both the party's theme and the bride's preferences.Some brides have certain fashion, cosmetics, hair, and wardrobe ideas in mind. They like the ladies in attendance to keep to a specific color or style of dress. Call the bride for clarification.Aside from that, here are some general suggestions to follow:

    • Stick To Pastel Shades

Because this is a pre-wedding event, avoid wearing bright colors. Also, because it is most likely a daylight function, wear a light pastel tone such as lavender or peach instead.Finally, ensure that the color you select does not appear brighter than the bride's or overshadow her in any manner.

Fran Fried, a blogger, shared what she wore to her first-ever bridal shower. She opted for a sleeveless sage green dress with retro vibes. She describes her dress, writing, “It says dressy, sun, California and party in one sentence.

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  • Stay Away From The Color Red

Red is not a good color to wear to a bridal shower as it is considered to be associated with adultery.It is also a bold and show-stopping color.So save that red dress in your wardrobe for a date night, and let the bride stay in the limelight at her party!

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  • Black? A Big NO

Even though many ladies prefer black for any occasion, it is recommended not to wear black to a bridal shower. Instead, wear pretty colors that exude calm and positive vibes, like yellow, green, or blue.

  • Keep Your Jewelry Simple

You don’t need to be dripping in diamonds or flaunting flamboyant gold jewelry at a bridal shower. Keep your accessories simple and light.Dainty necklaces and simple dangling earrings can be perfect for your bridal shower attire.

  • Keep It Low-Key With Your Shoes

You can opt for a pair of wedges or block heels for the bridal shower. You can also wear cool booties or pumps to keep your look simple yet elegant. Remember, this occasion is not for wearing sky-high stilettos!

Fran wore black kitten heels to the shower to match her attire and look stylish. “Not only are they styling and cute, they were extremely practical. Especially since I twisted my right ankle in my sleep (!!!) the previous weekend, and this would be the first time I wore anything higher than a flat all week.”

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What To Wear To A Bridal Shower Based On Dress Code

A dress code can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are not someone who attends many weddings or formal events. Usually, the bride mentions the dress code for the bridal shower dresses on the invite. All you need to do is make sure you stick to it so as not to offend or upset the bride. Here’s what different dress codes mean and how you need to dress for them:

  • co*cktail Attire Dress Code

Have the hosts set a co*cktail dress code? Well, that means you need to wear a somewhat formal outfit. So, jeans and pants of any kind are strictly not allowed.

co*cktail attire needs to be chic. The easiest way to follow this dress code is to wear a knee-length or midi-length dress with heels and understated jewelry. You can opt for a silky wraparound or a structured dress. Just avoid wearing anything too short or revealing.

  • Seasonal Themed Dress Code

A bridal shower can take place at any time of the year. If it takes place in the autumn or spring, wear a flowy dress in a light color. Loose pants and flowy blouses are also appropriate for this season.

If the occasion takes place during winter, you can go for darker shades that suit you. Velvet dresses and warm jumpsuits are good choices for this season.

  • Boho Chic Dress Code

This is the most fun dress code you can hope for. Deck up in a casual maxi dress (a crocheted one, maybe?) with some wildflowers in your hair to look like a boho diva! Espadrilles and wedges are the best shoe choices for this dress code.

  • Tea Time Dress Code

A traditional tea-time bridal shower expects its guests to wear tea-length dresses. You can wear a mid-length dress paired with wedges. Floral prints are perfect for a tea party!

Many people organize bridal showers in their backyard. What would you wear then? Scroll down to find out.

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What To Wear To A Backyard Bridal Shower

A backyard bridal shower is a place where the guests can chill. Thankfully, you can dress a bit low-key but trendy for this affair. Since this is an outdoor event, you need to choose your bridal attire accordingly. Here’s how!

  • Casual Outfit

Keeping it classy and casual for a backyard bridal shower is mandatory. It is not always necessary that you wear a dress for this occasion. You can keep it simple by wearing light blue skinny jeans (not ripped ones!) paired with a light-colored dressy blouse. You can finish off the look with a cute pair of ballet flats.

  • Breathable Attire

Backyard arrangements tend to be hot, and if the event takes place during the day, you need to wear something cool and comfortable. Pair a light cotton or silk dress with a large sun hat to keep the rays from attacking you!

  • Floral DressBridal shower clothing | Haute Outfit: Elevate Your Fashion Outfit (2)

If there is one place you can rock a floral outfit, it is a backyard bridal shower. You can wear a sleek fitted dress with a floral print in a pastel shade if the event is a bit more formal. A long maxi dress or a classy A-line dress is also an elegant choice.

Bridal shower clothing | Haute Outfit: Elevate Your Fashion Outfit (2024)


How dressed up should you be for a bridal shower? ›

For guests who don't have a specified dress code to follow, opt for pieces that you would wear to a nice brunch or an elegant social gathering. What's more, since bridal showers are more informal than most wedding events, don't be afraid to embrace your personal style but with a slightly formal twist.

What is the best color dress for a bridal shower? ›

It's traditional for the bride, or the couple, to wear white at the bridal shower. This also includes pastel shades, like blush or soft blue, that can be photographed as looking white. All other colors—like bold, bright colors and prints—are fair game.

Does a bride have to wear white to a bridal shower? ›

While white seems to be the shade most brides choose for a bridal shower, both Brickman and Cartledge agree that there's no rule on what color you should wear. "A lot of my brides don't opt for white at all, instead choosing a color that makes them feel confident or matches their wedding," Cartledge says.

Is it okay to wear black to a bridal shower? ›

Don't wear black. Your bridal shower look should be celebratory, festive, and happy—black is a bit too somber and/or “date night out” to wear to a bridal shower. If you're set on dark colors, opt for a softer gray or navy. Don't wear anything too tight, sexy, or revealing.

Who normally pays for the bridal shower? ›

In short, the host is the one who pays for the bridal shower—or at least some of it. Most commonly, this is the maid of honor, but the couple's relatives, friends or even the to-be-weds themselves can all pitch in to cover the cost of the wedding shower.

How do you say dress code for bridal shower? ›

Shower Invitation Wording about Dress Codes

To make things easy for your guests, you might want to include something like “Dress Code: Casual” or “Dress Code: Formal.” Some other dress code wording for invitations might be: A formal dress code is requested. Please dress in your best! Dress to impress!

Are there colors you shouldn't wear to a bridal shower? ›

By choosing to wear color, you avoid breaking the main rule of all bridal celebrations: don't wear white. That's the bride's color range, so that includes beiges, creams, and anything in that color family. And unless explicitly stated, you shouldn't try and match the bridal party to the exact shade either.

What to give a bride for a bridal shower? ›

Think kitchenware, travel essentials (for the honeymoon, obvi), or some comfy pajamas for the couple. Or, you can pick out something more personal, like an initial necklace or a custom stack of stationery. The goal is simply for the bride to love the gift—and use it more than once.

Does your bridal shower have to match your wedding theme? ›


While you don't have to have a theme for the bridal/wedding shower, you want to at least coordinate your colors and general style. Themes are such a festive way to celebrate. You can go for something more understated and classic, or something over the top.

Can I wear jeans to my bridal shower? ›

Jeans might be appropriate for a very casual bridal shower, especially if it's a relaxed gathering at someone's home. If you decide to wear jeans, choose a pair that's well-fitting and in good condition. Elevate your look by pairing them with a chic blouse or a smart blazer, and add some classy accessories.

Does the bride do anything for bridal shower? ›

The bride will open her gifts in front of the guests and often express her gratitude with a short speech. And opening gifts isn't the only thing the bride does at this event. In addition to gift giving, bridal showers may also involve playing games, eating great food, and having the bride's favorite drinks.

When should a bride not wear white? ›

White is not always best for photos

Depending on a range of factors such as weather, skin tone, hair colour, and the photographer's camera skills could mean your photographs are overexposed or blown out- not the ideal wedding image.

What is protocol for bridal showers? ›

Since showers are intended for the bride's nearest and dearest, every shower guest must already be on the wedding guest list. Because it's understood that guests should bring a present to a shower, it's not appropriate to invite people whom you don't plan to include in the wedding.

Who normally goes to bridal shower? ›

A bridal shower is a more intimate gathering than a wedding and the guest list usually consists of the bride-to-be's closest female friends and relatives, including close relatives of the soon-to-be-bride's spouse.

What is customary to bring to a bridal shower? ›

Gifts given at traditional bridal showers should have a focus on what the bride likes, wants, or needs. Common gift ideas include vases, cookware, champagne glasses, sleepwear, fine linens, picture frames, and home decor items. Any items specified on a bridal shower registry fall under this category.

What is a typical bridal shower like? ›

During a bridal shower, guests come together to celebrate the bride and have some fun. The event usually includes activities, games, and sometimes even a theme. Essentially, it's an opportunity for the bride's closest friends and family to show their support and celebrate as she embarks on her journey to marriage.

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