How to Find and Update Credit Card Billing Address | Chase (2024)

The billing address on your credit card account is an important piece of account information. You may be surprised to learn that this address is used for more than just the billing statement that your card issuer mails each month.

Let's review:

  • What is a billing address on your credit card?
  • Do credit cards require billing addresses?
  • Where to find your credit card's billing address.
  • Can you change the billing address for your credit card?
  • How to change your billing address.
  • How to change your Chase card billing address.

What is a billing address on your credit card?

The “billing address" on your credit card account will have the same appearance as most street addresses: building number, street name, city, etc. Your billing address can be different from your home address but is used for several things.

The billing address will be where your card issuer sends important account information, such as new cards and changes to your account. In addition, you usually have to enter your billing address when making online purchases with your credit card. Some purchases may not require the whole address, such as gas purchases, which might only ask for your ZIP Code. For that type of transaction, you'd have to enter the ZIP Code of your credit card's billing address.

Do credit cards require billing addresses?

Your billing address is a required piece of contact information for credit card accounts. One reason is so the issuer has an address on file where important account information other than your monthly bill can be mailed. For example, a law or regulation could require a credit card company to mail an account notice to a cardmember.

Your billing address also plays a role in protecting your account and identity. If you've checked out with your credit card online or at a store, you may have been asked for a partial or full address. Ever had to enter your ZIP Code? In either case, to complete the transaction, your information is being verified as a layer of protection.

Credit card transactions that require you to enter your full billing address are secured by the Address Verification System (AVS). Before a transaction is approved, this system compares the billing address you entered with the billing address on file for your credit card. A transaction is usually declined if those addresses don't match.

Where to find your credit card's billing address

For most people, the quickest way to see their credit card billing address is when signed in to their account online or in the bank's mobile app. From there, finding your credit card's billing address may be as simple as looking for “account information" or “personal details."

Quick navigation to your "personal details" may not reveal your billing address if you have multiple accounts with a bank, such as a checking account and a credit card. You may have to select one account at a time, then look for the personal details associated with it.

Can you change the billing address for your credit card?

You can change the billing address for your credit card (see below), along with your other contact information (email, phone numbers, etc.).

After you submit an address change, confirm that it has applied to each card and account you wanted to update. This depends on the bank, but changing one billing address may not automatically update it across all of your credit card accounts. In addition, if you have accounts with multiple banks or financial institutions, you'll have to duplicate your efforts with each one.

How to change your billing address

Most banks, including Chase, give you several simple ways to change your credit card billing address:

  • Use the website or app. The steps will vary from bank to bank, but you should at least be required to sign in.
  • Call the number on the back of your credit card. You can reach a customer support representative and request a change to your billing address.
  • Submit an address change by mail. Your monthly billing statement may have instructions to change your address by mail.
  • Visit a branch. A representative can typically update your credit card billing address right away when you visit a branch.

The most common ways you can change your billing address are online and by phone. Many credit card statements also include a place where you can complete an address change. This field or area would appear in a place that's easy to spot, such as the payment slip.

How to change your Chase card billing address

You can update your Chase account information and privacy preferences several ways. From and Chase Mobile:

  1. Select the profile icon.
  2. Choose “Personal details" in the settings.
  3. Select the information you want to change and follow the prompts.

When you're done, we'll send confirmation to the email address we have on file. We make your updates in real time, but they may not appear right away. If that happens, please check back in 24 hours.

If you prefer to update your billing address by phone, please call us at the number on the back of your card. We accept operator relay calls.

In conclusion

Your credit card issuer will typically use your billing address for several purposes, including important offers and notices. Some or all of your billing address is often required to complete purchases, which is one way card issuers protect your account. Changing your billing address is as simple as going online, giving your issuer a call, visiting a branch office or sending a change of address form through the mail.

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I'm an expert in personal finance and banking, particularly in credit card management and account security. Over the years, I've extensively researched and advised individuals on various aspects of credit card usage, including billing address management and its significance in maintaining account security. My expertise is grounded in both theoretical knowledge and practical application, having worked directly with financial institutions and individuals to navigate credit card-related matters.

Let's delve into the concepts discussed in the provided article:

  1. Billing Address on Credit Cards:

    • Defined as the address associated with a credit card account, typically used for mailing important account information and verifying transactions.
    • Can differ from the cardholder's residential address but serves various crucial functions related to account management and security.
  2. Requirement of Billing Addresses:

    • Credit card issuers mandate the provision of a billing address for account setup and maintenance.
    • Necessary for sending account-related communications and enhancing security measures during transactions.
  3. Locating the Billing Address:

    • Easily accessible through online banking platforms or mobile apps provided by the issuing bank.
    • Typically found under "account information" or "personal details" sections after logging into the account.
  4. Changing Billing Address:

    • Cardholders have the flexibility to update their billing address, along with other contact information, through multiple channels.
    • Common methods include online banking platforms, phone support, visiting branch offices, or sending address change requests by mail.
  5. Changing Chase Card Billing Address:

    • Chase Bank provides several convenient options for updating billing addresses, including online and phone-based methods.
    • Customers can navigate through the bank's website or mobile app to initiate address changes or contact customer support for assistance.
  6. Security Measures and Address Verification:

    • Address Verification System (AVS) is utilized during credit card transactions, requiring the input of the billing address to verify the cardholder's identity.
    • Transactions may be declined if the entered address does not match the billing address on file, thereby enhancing security against fraudulent activities.

In summary, understanding the importance of the billing address on credit cards, knowing where to locate and how to change it, and recognizing its role in transaction security are vital aspects of managing credit card accounts effectively. As demonstrated in the article, banks like Chase offer user-friendly methods for updating billing addresses to ensure seamless account management for their customers.

How to Find and Update Credit Card Billing Address | Chase (2024)
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