Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (2024)

The wedding season is here and with itself, it brings a lot of worries about what to wear. Let’s get the best wedding guest dresses inspiration from none other than Bollywood’s actresses.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (1)

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Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (2)

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses from Bollywood celebrities’ wardrobe for 2024 (PC: Celebrities Instagram Pages)

With wedding invitations pouring in, the festive season is nigh. But amidst the joyous chaos, a familiar concern arises: what to wear? Fear not, fashion enthusiasts!

For a touch of the best wedding guest dresses inspiration, look no further than Bollywood's divas. Celebrated for their glamorous and show-stopping ensembles, these beloved fashion icons are undoubtedly experts in the art of wedding guest dressing.

From Deepika Padukone’s classy black gown and Kiara Advani’s ice blue piece to Janhvi Kapoor’s floral-inspired statement dress, Alia Bhatt’s heavily embellished ensemble, and others, let’s just dive right in and take a proper glance at these best wedding guest gowns for some fashion inspiration.

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11 Bollywood actresses-approved best wedding guest dresses for 2024:

Deepika Padukone in black dress:

If you’re looking for a great summer wedding guest dress and love to wear all things contemporary, Deepika’s piece is for you. She recently made a case for coquette aesthetic in a classy black gown, created by none other than Gauri and Nainika. This sleeveless ball gown-like dress had a corseted silhouette, a well-plated design, and a free-flowing style that added some drama to her movements.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (7)

Disha Patani in white slip dress:

If you want to look awesome in great minimalistic wedding guest attire, this one’s for you. Disha recently wore a white long slip dress which was just the most fiery and fabulous piece. This satin gown with broad straps, a backless style, and a plunging neckline was just the hottest piece ever. It perfectly accentuated her curves, making us fall head over heels in love. We love the exceptional wedding guest outfit. It would make a great casual wedding guest dress.


Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (8)

Kiara Advani in frosty ice-blue dress:

If you like to wear a unique wedding guest dress and love the spotlight, Kiara’s piece would be a great pick for you. Kiara Advani recently wore a beautiful ice-blue gown with a frosted feeling to it, and we loved that. The strapless gown had fiery cut-outs down the waist with a fitted silhouette that helped the diva flaunt her well-toned figure. The super hit side slit was also just perfect.


Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (9)

Ananya Panday in fiery red dress:

If you love to flaunt it all with a formal dress code, this classy piece is literally made for you. Ananya Panday flaunted her fashion fabulousness recently, in a classy and vibrant red gown that was just the hottest. This strapless red gown had a plunging neckline with a super sassy cut-out design at the waist that looked just amazing. Even the long front slit was just the most unique twist, and we loved it.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (10)

Alia Bhatt in embellished gold dress:

Alia Bhatt is a true fashion queen, and her Cleopatra-inspired embellished gold dress with intricate embroidery and a unique design is proof of the same. We love the incomparable style of the sleeveless piece with a deep and alluring neckline that spells all things glamorous. This statement-worthy dress is the ideal wedding guest attire if you like to be extra with formal gowns.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (11)

Kareena Kapoor in sculpted black dress:

Kareena Kapoor Khan always picks the best pieces and her inspiring black gown is proof of the same. This sculpted and strapless gown highlighted the diva’s curves while giving her enviable figure a chance to shine bright. We love the unique Gaurav Gupta piece. It would be the best wedding guest attire for you if you like to be bold and beautiful for wedding parties.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (12)

Nora Fatehi in sparkly silver dress:

Nora Fatehi’s starry silver gown is the best piece for women who like to look like superstars. This super hot ensemble with an off-the-shoulder style, a thigh-high side slit, a plunging neckline, a fitted silhouette, backless allure, and a shimmery design, is every modern fashionista’s dream. This is exactly what makes it the best wedding guest dress if you love to sparkle and shine.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (13)

Janhvi Kapoor in bodycon black dress:

Janhvi Kapoor’s unique fashion choices are always inspiring just like her recent black-based gown with an incomparable multicolored floral design that elevated it to sheer perfection. This beautiful strapless tube dress-like gown was also laden with sequin work and had an elegant train that made it the best floral wedding guest dress. If you like floral print, this one’s for you.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (14)

Mouni Roy in sheer corseted white dress:

Mouni Roy’s fashion sense always inspires modern fashionistas, and her white sheer gown is quite literally eight out of our dreams. This strapless gown with sequin work and a stylish corseted silhouette was just amazing. It had a wrap-like skirt that created a train that trailed behind the diva as she walked ahead with grace. This would be a great spring wedding guest dress.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (15)

Rashmika Mandanna in shimmery dress:

Rashmika Mandanna recently wore a floor-length black gown that reminded up of shimmery stars in the night sky. This glamorous gown with a plunging off-the-shoulder neckline and a magical body-hugging and pleated style serves old Hollywood charm, and we’re frankly speechless at the sight of it. The matching sheer gloves are also just perfect. This would be the best wedding guest attire for black-loving fashionistas.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (16)

Tamannaah Bhatia in pink and purple dress:

Tamannaah Bhatia loves to wear vibrant colors and her recent dual-colored gown was proof of the same. She slayed in a pink and purple color-blocked gown with a strapless design and a sexy thigh-high slit was just all things femme and fabulous. We also loved how beautifully this piece accentuated the diva’s curves, making it ideal wedding guest attire for basically every modern diva who loves a bit of sass with strapless styles.

Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (17)

So, are you feeling inspired to ace wedding guest attire with an incomparably trendy wedding guest dress that is right for you?

Which one of these celebrity-approved gowns is your favorite? Please comment below to share your thoughts and opinions with us, right away.

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Top 11 best wedding guest dresses for the upcoming season (2024)


What is the trend in wedding guest dresses in 2024? ›

To be prudent, opt for soft or bold shades of pink, green, yellow or blue. Think print too. Florals and polka dots will capture the joyful tone of the occasion.

Which type of dress is trending now for wedding? ›

Colorful Florals. Florals remain a perennial favorite as far as bridal trends go. Even tonal, white embellishments a statement adding texture and depth to otherwise unremarkable silhouettes.

What should a 40 year old wear to a wedding? ›

Wear Something Dressy and Party-Like

Plus, when you look good, you feel good and everything is much more fun! Aim for something dressy and party-like, heck even a little glamorous. The easiest way know how formal you should dress to check the dress code on the wedding invitation.

How to look classy as a wedding guest? ›

Also, we've got you covered with more wedding guest dresses and jumpsuits here and here!
  1. Don't wear white. ...
  2. Try to avoid wearing the bridal party's colors. ...
  3. Consider the season. ...
  4. Don't go *too* casual. ...
  5. Dress up your pants. ...
  6. Cover your shoulders when applicable. ...
  7. Avoid going overboard. ...
  8. Don't go against the dress code.
Dec 15, 2023

What is the wedding dress trend in 2025? ›

Unexpected Colors. While there's no denying that the runways were filled with a sea of white, color also made a splash throughout the shows this season. The bride (sometimes) wore black across the collections, with many chic black details like bows and gloves popping up to accentuate cream gowns.

What is the color of the year for a wedding in 2024? ›

Peach Fuzz also holds extra special significance as 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Pantone's Wedding Colour of the Year. So, to celebrate this longstanding tradition and vibrant hue, we're offering ideas on how to incorporate Peach Fuzz into every facet of your dream wedding, making it an affair to remember.

Which color dress is best for wedding? ›

For a more colorful look, consider wearing shades of blue, lavender, or pink to show that you're in the celebratory spirit. If the wedding is in a tropical destination, opt for colors like yellow, orange, and green.

What style wedding dress is most popular? ›

The A-line style is the most popular of wedding dresses as it tends to fit and flatter many different figure shapes. This design will look great whether you have an hourglass or pear shape. Aline refers to the ultimate form of the skirt.

Which dress is going on trend? ›

Think baby pink gowns made of sultry sheer fabrics, floral maxis coupled with unexpected cutouts, and bias-cut dresses punctuated with playful bows. Not all of the notable dress trends warrant a special occasion.

What type of wedding dress should a 50 year old woman wear? ›

Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. Consider vintage bridal dresses – more mature brides can carry off vintage really beautifully. Remember less is more – you're confident and stylish enough to carry off simple silhouettes and might not need a ballgown skirt or cathedral length veil to feel like a bride.

What is a good age cut off for wedding? ›

Define the age of an adult (18 and older or 21 and over). Some couples allow older children and welcome those ages 12 and up. Once you've committed to your decision, explain it clearly in the invitation and on the wedding website, event page, etc. Here are a few ways to politely say, “No kids allowed.”

What is too flashy for a wedding guest? ›

Anything Loud and Flashy

Avoid sequined ball gowns, sparkly tiaras, sky-high platform heels, or other articles of clothing that will draw attention away from the bride. A wedding isn't the proper time to make a bold fashion statement.

How to stand out as a wedding guest? ›

Wear a nice brand: If you're looking to stand-out from the crowd, Vogue recommends you 'name-drop a brand that's reassuringly niche'. Avoid fascinators: Vogue believes they 'only ever look half-hearted' so instead, suggests wearing 'crystal-frosted hair clips' or 'spectacular pillbox hats'.

How can I look rich and classy at my wedding? ›

Wear some discreet bling.

A few pieces of stylish jewelry can give your look rich elegance. If you can't afford the real thing, keep it classic. In lieu of a genuine Cartier "Tank" watch, do what lots of the wealthy do and get the cheapest, simplest Timex with a basic black leather band, small and discreet.

What is the most popular wedding date for 2024? ›

Those interested in astrology will gravitate towards lucky dates in the zodiac for their celebration this year. According to astrological predictions, the summer solstice on June 21, 2024 will be the most popular day to trade vows due to the position of the stars, moon, sun, and planets.

Are fascinators still in fashion for weddings in 2024? ›

This trend is definitely going to continue in 2024. Wedding fashion is as versatile as the guests that are invited and most guests tend to wear long dresses to formal functions but play around with the styles. Some create accessories around them like shoulder pieces, fascinators while others wear then with long slits.

What is the trend hair for wedding guests? ›

Among the anti-prim hairstyles we love are slick high ponytails, ultra-sleek, ultra long plaits, braids and pigtails, '90s loose updos worn with a modern spin, cute baby braids, mussy, sexy texture (or sexture) and accessories: the more the merrier.

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